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Ok I wanted to purchase a camper this past summer and went to my local camping world dealer in Lakewood NJ and found a camper I was interested in and left that day leaving a deposit which they did refund after I cancelled the deal a few days later. I decided to go on line to do some price comparison and found Jeff site and desideed to give them a call to see if they can be competitive with camping world.

Just so you know I don't buy anything on line I always been the type of person that needs to see what I'm paying for so with that said I was very cautious and did a little homework first prior to leaving a deposit with one of Jeff salesperson (Ray Crain) who I can say was very professional and took all my calls even when I was upset with an issue I was having with my new camper which I understand was not his fault but Forrest River issue. It was within my first week of having the camper and the kitchen faucet handle came right off which I found out later was a $26 dollar faucet which I blame Forrest river for I mean really 26 dollars so I went out and bought a good faucet from a plumbing supply house and not a cheap Home Depot one. During that whole episode Jeff people were very responsive and also did a follow up to make sure I was taken care of. Now going back to the whole purchase experience I was very please with everything they did not force any extended warranties or any additional extras down my throat like most dealers.

They actually even worked with me on a few additional purchase such as a new hitch and stabilizer bar which were very useful when towing back to New Jersey.

For anybody interested in purchasing a camper and is reading all the good and bad reviews on this site needs to look through the *** that half the people write with a grain of salt and come up with your own conclusions. Look I happen to have a great experience with my purchase and even though I have a few minor issues with my camper you can't blame Jeff the blame on the manufacture so going in on a purchase of any camper even the high end ones there will be issues its how you deal with those issue if you understand going in that Jeff can only assist you with the manufacture when issues come up than you be better off. I understand people expect perfection when they spend their hard earn money but things happen it's still a camper and it's not built like your house I know I'm a builder.

Bottom line I would and have recommended to a few people that Jeff dealership is worth the trip think about the money you can save. You will always find good and bad in everything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jeff Couchs Rv Nation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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I agree their prices are great costumer service sucks