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Purchased 2015 Salem Hemisphere 299RE in February 2015. RV Nation had the best deal anywhere. Did the walk through and found a few minor problems but they recommended that we take it home, figure out what else might be an issue, then bring it back for service. Made sense. Found many problems - I think the RV was built on a Friday at 4:00 PM. Took it back 3 times plus fixed a number of things ourselves. That's not the dealers fault, it's the manufacturers. My issues follows:

When RV Nation installed the weight distribution system on the RV, they bolted one of the brackets over the emergency brake wiring. We didn't see that and obviously, they didn't either. On our way home when we first picked up the RV, our trailer brakes didn't work going down a hill. I assumed that the connector was loose, fixed it and moved on. Eventually, the system failed altogether - after the warranty period expired.

With some help, we figured out the problem and corrected it by installing a new emergency brake controller. I explained all of this to Jeff Couch who wanted to pay for the repair and he did along with a lost camping trip deposit. That was good. After all, he understood that if their poor installation caused a brake failure at highway speeds, it could be a disaster for us and them. I asked if he could take a look at another problem that had plagued the unit since it was purchased and he said to bring it down on a particular Saturday then we could pick it up the following Saturday. All is good - until we dropped it off.

We went in to tell Jeff that we had dropped off the unit and would be back next Saturday. That was when he said that there was no way it could be done by then. I said that if it couldn't be done, we would need to take it home because we had another trip planned. I was firm (not loud or mean) explaining that we would not have driven 90 minutes to bring it down if the work couldn't be done in the time agreed. He blew up - like a child throwing a tantrum - literally started yelling at us with plenty of rude and belligerent comments - then barked at a lieutenant to 'get over here' and take care of this problem - and walked away from us.

We were flabbergasted. Why would a business owner alienate a customer like that? We asked the lieutenant what had just happened? Was he always this rude? He said that we started it?!?!? Really? Playground stuff.

We hitched up our camper and took it home. NEVER will we set foot at RV Nation again. My advice to anyone wanting to shop there, besides don't do it is this...

Price will be very, very good. But you'll need to decide if price is your only concern. If you want to be treated with respect after they have your money, forget it.

One more thing - the service folks couldn't have been nicer. It was Jeff Couch himself who was the unprofessional child.

I've read and heard many other comments from folks who have been treated rudely and dressed down with colorful language at RV Nation. All the dealership needs to do is take some customer relationship courses, learn anger management & deliver on their promises and they could be even bigger than they are now.

Epilog: We traded off the unit in November 2017 at another dealership. No more RV Nation for us...

Product or Service Mentioned: 2015 Forest River Salem Hemisphere 299re Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Several people have mentioned customer relations, and some personal verbal assaults by higher ups in the organization. Seems to be a valid issue, when name calling and cursing is not called for at all.

This type of behavior usually produces negative outcomes for the person(s) in many areas, not just business issues. If I had to deal with this to purchase a camper, I would find somewhere else to purchase. If I could buy a camper for a valued price, dealt with responsibly I would probably go ahead and purchase camper.

Hard to write something with so many factors involved. Hope this helps.


this is a typical reaction when confronting him. he is arrogant and is a rude person

Lebanon, Ohio, United States #1330436

We are full time they still have the 5th wheel brand new and under warranty it has been there for weeks I feel your pain. I hear he acts like that and so does his son.

On a phone call he said **** you and hung up on me. Terrible customer service

Laurens, South Carolina, United States #1259942

How can you trade in November 2017 when 2017 has not even started yet. Your statement is a fraud.

to Anonymous Ohio, United States #1272335

OK - so I made a typo. My mistake.

It was November 2016. Thanks for pointing it out. I will restate here:

"Epilog: We traded off the unit in November 2016 at another dealership.

No more RV Nation for us..."

However, just because there was an error, doesn't make the statement fraudulent.

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