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Update by user Nov 17, 2017

Going to replace the mattress next week and take care of the other holes problem 2

Update by user Nov 17, 2017

I talked to Jeff today and he's going to take care of all the problems I got so the problem that I had is solved

Original review posted by user Nov 16, 2017

1 not even two days later I noticed when I got home there was a tear in my mattress I told them about it instead of telling me bring it in and we'll exchange it they wanted pictures of the tear and picture of the tag 2 they gave me a 15 foot sewer line that when you suck it up it is 52 in Long the trailer has a tube 45 in Long it's not going to fit in they told me to take it apart and put it in and what right mind would anybody after running sewer in it would want to take it apart instead of telling me to come in and we'll exchange the two they told me tough *** you're the only one that's complaining about this which pissed me off so I walked out and I told them I'll never come back again that's something how they take your money and then thing I don't want to take care of a problem that you have which was very small and wouldn't have cost him too much money to repair the problem One pissed-off customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Jeff Couchs Rv Nation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Commas and periods make it much easier to comprehend.


Well on top of the bad bad grammar in this paragraph it sounds like they are helping you. I have been camping for a long time and have had a torn mattress.

These dealers do not just have mattress laying around so they have to get pictures and go through the warranty process.

As far as the sewer hose being to long sewer hoses are cheap go buy another one that is shorter so you do not get *** on your hands.

I think this is a bogus review and not reflective of this dealerships service.


You have a right to your opinion by the way I took care of it myself I did buy another 10 foot hose which I needed anyway that was not the point the point is you spend $28,000 and they give you the hose that goes with the trailer it's at least fit into the host that there is equipped to the trailer but then again like I said that's your opinion and you know what you could do with it