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I had been looking to purchase a fifth wheel for some time. I was working with Brannon and he was spectacular to work with. Gave me information every time I needed it. Very knowledgable about their products. It came down to time for me to purchase. They did not have the interior furniture color that my wife and I wanted so I asked him how log it would take to get one wth that color. He checked around and found one with different color furniture but it would take them 2 weeks to get it prepped and ready for us because they were so busy. However, to get the furniture color I wanted it would take 6-8 weeks because they were still being built. I informed Brannon that the two weeks would not work for me because I travel for my job and I couldn’t arrange it at that time. I also informed him that we were not interested in that color anyway. I explained that the 6-8 weeks probably will not work but I will keep him informed if anything changes. In the mean time, My job required me to be gone but I had to have a fifth wheel to start the new job. I knew that couch’s would be a minimum of six weeks and I couldn’t wait that long. I called a couple other dealerships and found one several hundred miles away but I had to have to fifth wheel at that time. So I purchased elsewhere.

Fast forward to today 5-9-18. I got an email from Brannon asking me about where I was in the buying process. I explained that my job forced me to purchase in a three day time frame so I had purchased from someone else.

This is the response I get from him:

Brannon at couch’s rv: Okay so how long ago was this since you're now telling me??? Glad I kept calling you. How much more did you have to spend?

My response: First of all, I’m going to give it the benefit of a doubt that you’re not being a smart aleck in your reply to my email.

Secondly, you are the ones that did not have a unit in stock with the colors that I preferred.

Thirdly, I had to be out of town and have a unit within 3 days, but not that it is any of your business to know that.

Then I want to apologize to you that you wasted a 30 second phone call to follow up with me. Sorry you’ve been so inconvenienced.

Lastly, this is my second brand new unit that I have purchased. I have referred several friends to your dealership since I have been looking. (I have no idea if they have contacted you or not) However, I will be sure and share your email with them so they have an informed decision as to how you respond when someone doesn’t purchase from you.

When you contacted me and told me you couldn’t have a unit available for two weeks I told you that I would not be able to work with that time schedule but if anything changed I would let you know. However, I guess honesty is not what you wanted.

If and when I purchase a third unit, I will also remember how you responded and how much of your time I wasted by your thirty second follow up phone calls.

Remember everything you do can result in future purchase or future rejections of your company. I was in sales for 10 years. How you treat someone when they decide to purchase from someone else really speaks to your integrity and possibly future sales, or your lack of integrity and lack of actual future sales.

This shows how much your company really cares about the customer. You are obviously only interested in a quick sale and nothing more.

Brannon at couch’s rv: 30 seconds huh? That’s odd spent a whole day finding you a unit and then it wasn’t good for you. Sorry I couldn’t Dave you money but trust me I busted my *** to help you and if you really think it was 39 seconds than you have no clue. Good luck and glad you had time to response to me.

I cannot believe these people talk to potential customers like trash. I would never do business with this place for this very reason. I was up front with him about the time frame I had to purchase. At the time, I hated that I was unable to purchase from them due to my time constraints. I am now so happy that I didn’t do business with them. It would be worth several thousand dollars extra to not do business with that attitude.

Remember when you are buying a trailer, there is the sales process, and then the service after the sell. If either one are lacking, it makes for a bad experience for you. Every new trailer has some tweaking to the build process and you will be dealing with the service department after the sell.

Do yourself a favor and look for someone with both and isn’t just interested in a quick buck from you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jeff Couchs Rv Nation Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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