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Purchased camper from Couch’s this Spring. We have been camping for years and years and have purchased from several other places.

Colerain RV, Lee’s RV. We have never had service this horrible. The salesman did not go over anything with us in regards to the camper because he said the service people would and they didn't have a clue. He just unlocked the camper and went back in the building it was very cold and almost didn’t seem to care if we bought or not...I will give him credit for being patient I did text a lot with him and he was very patient with us waiting to sell our camper prior to purchasing.

We have multiple issues with our camper that we asked to be fixed during final inspection they promised this would be done. It was delivered and the items were not done. The delivery guy was very nice and apologetic but his truck wheels started spinning in our gravel camp

Spot so he had to leave camper in a spot that would not work. We had to hire Someone else to come and move it into the correct spot.

This was the least of our problems again he was kind so it was acceptable. The awning you can’t open without fighting with it for 15- 20 minutes. The water heater was not working so we called and they had no clue where it was even located ( we did not receive any manual for the camper) thankfully a fellow camper said he had the same problem and that couch’s and that they did the same thing with him. He helped us figure it all out and fix it.

We used the vent in the bathroom and it would not come back down- it was raining!!! We had to get our son up on the roof and have him close it and currently can’t use it. We have a fan in the bedroom that will not work without loudly clicking. We have blinds that are broken, the bathroom sink was not sealed so we asked for it to be done- they left caulking mixed with the dirt from someones dirty finger smeared all over the bottom of sink.

I got some goo gone and took care of that. The shower was not sealed - I got out and there was a large amount of water all over the floor- we sealed it. The bunk house door *** handle won’t line up so it won’t close - they put the two pieces out of line. We have an outdoor speaker they put on after and smeared white caulking all over the outside of camper and then someone must have wiped the front grill of the speaker so it is black with white caulking smeered all Over it.

We didn’t even complain about that. The doors were falling off of the area under the sink in husband fixed that.The back door looks like someone took a piece of black plastic and scraped it all over-this we will try to fix ourselves. We wanted to save money and expected little customer

Service to save but this is beyond ridiculous. I came out to the camper today to meet the service man and he didn’t show up so I called and he said “oh I am no longer doing work for them, they have stiffed me on multiple jobs and it is impossible to get them to approve work to be done”.

I called and spoke with service and she got a little defensive at first and then became a little nicer but said she would check with them and call back. I have been here for 3 hours now. A day of work missed and no call. I called back and a man answered and asked my story.

When I repeated it all he said was “I don’t know” and blindly transferred me to a vc mail it was Cindy’s voice mail again. Still no return call. I work hard for every dime of my money and to be treated so rudely is just wrong. Please don’t buy from This company they could care less about you or your camper.

The funny thing is the owner is friends with a friend of ours and that was why we went here...

if that is how they treat friends... Wow!

Product or Service Mentioned: Camper.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I called back and spoke with cindy in service- I called the finance guy who transferred me since I kept getting vc. Mail- she stated somwone willBe coming from 12-4.

She stated she had left a vc mail. I did not receive this at this time. Jeff Couch called me and apologized and stated he would make everything right. He felt bad that we had such a bad experience and will make it right.

He was very reassuring on the phone. I would remove this post because at the time I was very very angry and maybe was acting out of character but this site has no delete. I will hopefully end up with everything fixed and go back to being a Happy Camper. It’s just that this amount of money is alot to us and we just want to feel like it was worth it and not a piece of 40,000 crap...


anyway Mr. Couch seems concerned and I really needed to hear and know that.